How to get free $25 worth of Bitcoin from LocalBitcoins

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Localbitcoins Affiliate marketing, in which you promote a product or service and earn commission on every new customer you refer, is one of the easiest ways to start earning money online.

Of course that’s not to say that it is easy to make a lot of money, but it does have the advantage that anybody can do it.

Even if you don’t have a website you can promote these referral programs to earn some extra pocket money through social media, forums, or recommending a product to friends and family (be careful to only do this if its a product worth recommending though!).

If you do have a website or app then affiliate programs can potentially earn you lot more revenue and profit than regular advertising – because you know your own audience best, so you know what products they may like and how to present those products to them in a way that is friendly, useful, and appealing to them.

If you take the time to sift through the vast number of referral programs out there to find products or services which are genuinely good quality and have the potential to appeal to your audience, and then make sure that you research and test them before recommending them to others, then you can earn a good income whilst also providing people with valuable and useful information – a win-win situation.

There are actually hundreds of Bitcoin referral programs on the internet already. These are affiliate programs which either pay out in BTC, appeal primarily to users of digital currency, or (usually) both.

In order to help you to find the best ones to promote I’ve picked out 20 of my own favourites, with some of the best products as well as the highest commissions.

LocalBitcoins – Available in many different languages in many countries around the world, LocalBitcoins provides a peer-to-peer marketplace for buying and selling bitcoin for fiat through a wide range of payment systems.

You can link to any page of the site, including foreign language versions, and you get a commission equal to 20% of the trading fee on every trade made by one of your referrals for one year after you register.

They use a three month cookie, so if somebody visits their site through your link they will be classed as your referral if they register at any point over the next three months. They also offer a customizable banner ad to help you promote them.

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