The best place to chop a well prepared isi-ewu [spicy goat head] in Uyo

isi ewu
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In today ‘Discover In Uyo’ edition, I will magnanimously as usual unveil the hidden spot where you can comfortable enjoy a well prepared delicious isi-ewu [spicy goat head] in Uyo.

We many places doing the same thing, but we have very few places whose aroma and taste can turn you into a regular customer.

isi ewu

Even if am not a good cook(which I doubt), I love to go out with a lady who knows how to cook very well. So if she recommended not only the place but also their delicious isi-ewu [spicy goat head], then it worth a good news to share with you guys.

Please don’t look at it as a sponsored post(which it’s not anyway…lol), look at it as ‘try and see’ tip, then come back here and proves me wrong.

I know we all have different ways of savoring and rating a delicious meal, but when it comes to how the meal is/was prepared, only the few who can cook will tell you the meal is/was well prepared.

Now the question is; can a meal(including isi-ewu) be delicious and not well prepared? Bad cook will ignore this question, a good cook will give me the answer using the comment box. I’m waiting!!!

isi ewu

The above question reminded me of a particular mama put in Uyo whom delicious food was not well prepared. Her stew was the best no doubt and perhaps the reason people still going there now.

But people like me left because her rice and bean used to contain sand/stone particle. I believe she improves now which I don’t know, but before I left, her food was delicious and not well prepared.

I asked that question because since I left that mama put place, I have been having a problem with girls over how food can be delicious and not well prepared. You guys(especially the girls who can cook very well) help settle this matter once and for all. Thanks in advance o!

I don’t want to start calling out names, but I have been to few places with my friends and I can confidently tell you that this one place am about to unveil to you is the best when it comes to a well prepared delicious isi-ewu [spicy goat head].

isi ewu

I know you guys are all anxious to know this one best place to chop a well-prepared isi-ewu [spicy goat head] in Uyo. But before I spell that out, I will like to emphasize something very important here, especially to those who never eat isi-ewu [spicy goat head] before.

Please if you are yet to taste isi-ewu [spicy goat head], kindly try this one place before you try another spot just to compare and rate which one is the best.

And for those like me who chop and chop the chopable, try this one place, after, recommend another best spot using the comment box below. I will definitely give them a try and share my review thereafter.

I think I have waited you guys time a lot, so lets me reveal the best isi-ewu [spicy goat head] spot the grooving young ladies in Uyo gossip about.

isi ewu

The reason I mention ladies here is that they are the only ones who first know the happening places in Uyo before us(men). True or false????

So now, that best place to chop a well prepared and delicious isi-ewu [spicy goat head] in Uyo is called: ‘DISCOVERY PARK’.

Yes, Discovery Park is that one happening spot in Uyo to visit regularly after work, school, church, or meeting, just to feels the magnificent center of relaxation.

The place is so spacious to welcome any event of your choice. If you ask me, its where I normally visit to bribes my leisure time.

I will not spend another hour to write about them, lets me allows you to do that by going there this weekend or your free time to beef up who they really are since seeing is believing in Nigeria. Lol!

The place is easy to locate, just by Udo Umana/Obio Imo traffic light whether heading to Akpan Andem Market or Oron Road. If you know Uyo Township Stadium, then you already know the place because it just behind the Stadium.

Don’t wait to be told, go out there and have fun!

Remember to come back here and share your testimony oh. I cant wait to read from you guys especially the good cook…lol.

Visit Discovery Park today and chop the chopable! Drink the drinkable!! & Enjoy the enjoyable!!!

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